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Malayala Samskarika Vedi,Kalpakkam
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1. The objective of this association is to bring together kalpakkam based malayalees who are workind in the D.A.E. establishments.
2. To provide a forum for rendering all possible helps and assistance to members and the public at large in all possible matters especially in the event of untoward calamities and happenings.
3. To guide the members of  in educational matter of their children.
4. To collect more informations and updating the different office memorandums of different ministries time to time which are useful to the central government / state governement employees and educating the members of association of the pre and post retirement benifits.
5. To expend a portion of income of association and the materials from the members of the assocaition for wellfare of physically handicaped, the downtrodden, suffering and socially neglected section in and around kalpakkam, irrespective of religion caste, creed or language and set up a committee for this purpose as and when natural calamities occur, such as rain , flood, cyclone, etc.
6. To help the members for their childrens marriage.

Keralam Manoharam